About Us


Arcora Foundation (formerly Washington Dental Service Foundation) is a nonprofit dedicated to partnering with communities and boldly transforming systems to improve oral health.   

Founded and fully funded by nonprofit Delta Dental of Washington, the state’s largest dental benefits company, we help achieve our shared vision:  All people enjoy good oral and overall health, with no one left behind.

We work with partners throughout the state and nation to create significant and lasting changes that prevent disease, improve access to care, and transform health systems.

Our approach – collaborator and catalyst

To achieve health equity we focus on changes that will most benefit those who are at greatest risk or bear the greatest burden of oral disease.

We are a convener, catalyst, developer, implementer, evidence-builder, and advocate.

  • We partner to learn from the expertise of others and explore common solutions.
  • We use our resources to accelerate opportunities and test new approaches.
  • We support partners to build their capacity to implement the most promising approaches. When helpful, we become implementers as well.
  • We track progress in order to understand the impact of our collective work.

Our work includes: 

  • Policy advocacy 
  • Demonstration projects 
  • Social marketing 
  • Grant support 
  • Community partnerships
  • Training and tools for providers

Our commitment – health equity with no one left behind

Blending innovation with practical solutions, we strive to make permanent changes resulting in improved health for all, which increases well-being and saves money for families, businesses and taxpayers.  

Equity drives our work. We aim to eliminate health disparities so everyone benefits from good oral health.

A healthy mouth and the ability to smile and eat nutritious foods is not a luxury. It’s hard to even get a job if you are missing teeth.  Our goal is to change the arc of oral health so that in the future everyone has good oral health and overall health.