Colette Burruel

Referral Specialist - DentistLink

Colette Burruel joined the Foundation and DentistLink team in 2018. She provides patients with information on dental providers who accept state-insured and non-insured patients in Washington state. Colette is passionate about helping individuals discover helpful information and resources when they’ve all but lost hope. Having previously worked in a guardianship role at Lifetime Advocacy Plus, she encountered difficulty in finding her own clients dental care when they had state insurance and limited funds. Colette is continually thinking outside the box and attending trainings with the rest of the DentistLink team, to further expand their capabilities in serving the under-served with services not limited to dental care.

Colette holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, from Northern Arizona University. She spends her free time dancing, exploring Washington forests, and listening to true crime podcasts.