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Colette Burrel, Senior Referral Specialist & CRM Administrator - DentistLink

Colette Burruel

Senior Referral Specialist and CRM Administrator, DentistLink

Starting in 2018, Colette Burruel has worked as a referral specialist by guiding patients to dental providers who accept state-insured and non-insured patients in Washington state. Having been promoted to a new role in August of 2021, she now additionally assists with quality checking and troubleshooting on the DentistLink team’s new Customer Relationship Management software. One highlight of her work with DentistLink was helping to train temporary and permanent referral specialists during the 2020 pandemic, all while working through a major uptick in patient volume.

Colette holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Northern Arizona University. She spends her free time taking dance, aerial yoga, and having meaningful conversations with her cat.