Delta Dental is pleased that our Medicaid Team has been selected by the Washington Health Care Authority as an Apparently Successful Bidder for the Medicaid Dental Managed Care Request for Proposal (RFP) submitted by Dentegra.

The Medicaid Team, a partnership of Dentegra/Delta Dental of California, Delta Dental of Washington and the Arcora Foundation, looks forward to working with the Health Care Authority to improve oral health care for Medicaid recipients in Washington. We are committed to making progress on the goals of the Dental Managed Care program, including reducing emergency room use for dental services and expanding access to care.

Not-for-profit Delta Dental of Washington is the oldest and largest dental benefits company in Washington state, and its Arcora Foundation is the largest single-state focused oral health foundation in the nation. Delta Dental of California brings 45 years of Medicaid experience to the Washington Medicaid program. These partners will use their assets to improve the quality and delivery of the Medicaid dental program for eligible clients and participating dental providers.

The selections of managed care providers by the Health Care Authority is a significant milestone in the Medicaid dental program. We look forward to working with the Health Care Authority on getting ready for the start of the improved Medicaid dental program in Washington on January 1, 2019. That includes continuing to engage Washington state dentists to partner with us in our Medicaid network to provide the broadest possible array of opportunities to access oral health care for eligible patients across Washington.

We are also eager to expand our work to integrate medical care and dental care and to continue the innovative programs currently supported by Arcora Foundation including the Access to Child and Baby Dentistry program and the Oral Health Connections pilot, designed to increase the number of pregnant women and people with diabetes who receive dental care.
We look forward to continuing to partner with organizations across the state to reduce health disparities by improving the oral health of Medicaid enrollees.