Arcora Foundation

New name – Still dedicated to improving oral health

Washington Dental Service Foundation has a new name. We are now Arcora Foundation, which better reflects our determination to change the arc of oral health so that everyone enjoys good oral health.

Funded by nonprofit Delta Dental of Washington, we believe everyone deserves good oral health, with nobody left behind. Equity drives our work. We are improving oral health by partnering with communities and boldly transforming systems.

We are rational radicals, using evidence-based approaches and promising practices to effect change. We leverage our partnerships, technical expertise, and grant funding to transform health systems, promote prevention, and improve access to care.

Everyone is healthier with a healthy mouth. Oral health affects employment opportunities, well-being, and quality of life. That’s why everyone should have good oral health and a life free from oral disease and pain.

About Arcora

Who We Are

As rational radicals we blend innovation and practical solutions. With a health equity lens, we seek better well-being for all by partnering with communities and boldly transforming systems to improve oral health.

Highlights of our work

Highlights of Our Work

Focusing on underserved communities and with amazing partners, we are improving the oral and overall health of people all across the state.

Why oral health matters

Why Oral Health Matters

The health of your mouth affects overall health and well-being. Too many people struggle with oral disease, even though it's preventable.

Our Partners