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2023 Community Report
Explore the latest program and partnership highlights in our shared work to bend the arc of oral health toward equity.
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Equity in Oral Health Matters
Good oral health goes beyond a healthy smile.
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Programs and Initiatives
Arcora Foundation has cultivated deep partnerships to implement our prevention and access initiatives.
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We Bend the Arc of Oral Health Toward Equity

Everyone deserves a healthy smile. But disparities make good oral health difficult for some to achieve. At Arcora Foundation, we work with partners to bridge the oral health equity gap to ensure all people can have good oral and overall health. Our name reflects our mission—bending the arc of oral health toward equity.  

Why Oral Health Matters

Oral health is essential to overall health. Research links poor oral health to conditions like: 

The health of your mouth is one of the most visible indicators of economic inequality. When more people have healthy smiles, everyone benefits. Kids thrive in the classroom. Adults have better job opportunities. 

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