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Data Reports

Our data report library hosts major reports and findings in Washington state’s oral health.

  • Apple Health Dental Program Facts and Figures
    Download the 2020 Apple Health (Medicaid) dental program Facts and Figures report for Washington state. Oral health is a critical component of overall health. Poor […]
  • Smile Survey
    Washington’s 2015-2016 Smile Survey is the latest statewide assessment of children’s oral health.  It shows that children’s oral health in Washington is improving, but further […]
  • Washington State’s Medicaid/Apple Health Data
    Snapshots of utilization for adults, all children, and young children by county. Adult over 21 Children under 20 Children under 6
  • Seniors’ Oral Health Survey
    The 2017 Seniors’ Oral Health Survey is the most recent statewide assessment of the oral health of older adults. Executive Summary Full Report
  • Washington State’s Potentially Avoidable Emergency Room Use Report
    This 2011 Washington State Hospitals Association report focuses on potentially avoidable use of the ER and addresses three key questions: • How many ER visits […]
  • Washington State’s Emergency Room Use Report
    This 2010 report is the Washington State Hospital Association’s first look at the data, and the first significant analysis of Washington State emergency department usage. […]