Sponsorship Opportunities

Arcora Foundation seeks to support organizations working to reduce barriers to oral and overall health care and prevent disease. We are particularly interested in supporting organizations working to elevate and advance community-identified and community-led efforts to reduce inequities and promote health equity. Through our sponsorship opportunities, we provide support to help fund event-specific or other time-bound activities; for example, community and culturally specific gatherings, meetings, conferences, and fundraisers.

Most Arcora Foundation sponsorships are $1,000 – $5,000, though in limited circumstances we will consider up to $10,000. Our criteria for selection are: commitment to oral health equity, our available budget, and our capacity to be a partner to your organization (e.g. if you are seeking a table of 10 for your fundraiser, we want to be able to fulfill that commitment). Sponsorship requests will be considered monthly. We encourage you to complete an application at least 4-6 weeks in advance of the event. 

While we value the information you provide, it is also our intention that our application take only a few minutes of your time. We welcome your feedback on this process and ways that we can make it better for applicants. Please contact Heather Knaplund, hknaplund@arcorafoundation.org with any questions or feedback.

Sponsorship Request Application

To apply for sponsorship from Arcora Foundation, please complete the form below.