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Programs and Initiatives

Our work with partners to advance oral health.

Partnerships are essential to advance oral health across Washington state. Arcora Foundation has cultivated deep partnerships to implement our prevention and access initiatives. We work with providers in the dental and medical fields, community organizations, policymakers, and others. 

Strategic Priorities


  • Expand community water fluoridation.  
  • Influence healthy behaviors.  
  • Address root causes of poor oral health.  


  • Achieve policy changes to improve access to oral health care. 
  • Increase high quality and culturally appropriate care. 
  • Advance innovative models of oral health care. 
  • Expand access to dental care. 

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Access to Baby and Child Dentistry (ABCD)

Every child in Washington state deserves a lifelong path to good oral health and positive dental experiences. ABCD gives children under 6 and clients of the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) under age 12 with Apple Health (Medicaid) that opportunity.

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Community Water Fluoridation

Research shows that water fluoridation is the most cost-effective and equitable way to prevent tooth decay in people of all ages and backgrounds. Arcora provides education, technical expertise, and funding for equipment to help communities provide fluoridated water to their residents.

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Continuing Education

A well trained and informed workforce serves dental patients better. As part of our partnership with a variety of provider types, Arcora offers timely and relevant training opportunities.

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Get connected to dental care in your area, whether you have insurance—including Apple Health (Medicaid)—or not. DentistLink is a no-cost referral service for people in Washington state that’s fully funded by Arcora Foundation and the Health Care Authority.

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Healthy Behaviors

A small step, like choosing tap water—with cavity-fighting fluoride—over sugary beverages, can have big effects on your oral health. Arcora works with communities to support healthier choices. 

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Local Impact Networks (LINs)

Arcora supports community partners who are committed to advance good oral and overall health. As a strategic venture, the LINs center community-driven solutions to create equity. 

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Well child visits with medical providers are great opportunities for integrated preventive oral health services. Arcora trains and supports primary care providers to offer these services.

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Oral Health Advocacy

Everyone deserves good oral health. Arcora engages with policymakers and other partners to advocate for programs and investments that advance good oral health for all.

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Oral Health Connections

Improved oral health helps patients manage their diabetes and contribute to a healthy pregnancy. Arcora connects Apple Health (Medicaid) enrolled pregnant people and people with diabetes with specially trained dental providers in their communities.

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Our 3-chair modern dental office on wheels delivers oral health services across Washington state. It serves babies, children, youth, pregnant or postpartum people, and adults—at designated clinics—who have challenges to access dental care.

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Social Determinants of Health

Social, economic, and environmental factors have a major role in determining health and health outcomes. Arcora is committed to understand how these factors intersect with oral health and affect families’ abilities to achieve good oral health.

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Tribal Partnerships

Arcora partners with Northwest tribes, native communities, and native-led organizations to improve the oral health of American Indian/Alaska Native people. Together, we support new workforce and service delivery models and community-led approaches to address social determinants of health and wellbeing.

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We can’t do this work without you. Advancing oral health requires public and private partnerships, policy advocacy, and funding. Join us in our mission to bend the arc of oral health toward equity. Learn more and contact us at