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Printed Oral Health Educational Materials

This is a preview of the wide variety of printed oral health education materials we have available. Each image below will link to a downloadable PDF of the material. When ready, use the Order Printed Materials button to log in and place your order online.

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Prenatal Brochure

prenatal dental care brochure

Brochure – Information for dental care during pregnancy. English, Spanish

Prenatal Poster

prenatal dental care poster

Poster – Information for dental care during pregnancy. English

1st Visit Poster

1st visit poster

Poster – Information for partners on the importance of having their baby’s teeth checked by age 1. English, Spanish


6 Things About Kids’ Teeth

6 Things about kids' teeth brochure

Brochure – For families with children 0-18 years old. English

Baby Teeth Brochure

Baby teeth brochure

Brochure – Emphasizes the importance of baby teeth and how to care for them. For parents of children up to age 6. English, Spanish

Healthy Mouth Bookmark

Healthy mouth bookmark

Bookmark – Information for pregnant women and parents of young children on how to keep their mouths healthy. English, Spanish


Older Adults Oral Health

Older adults oral health brochure

Brochure – Tips for a healthy mouth and body. English, Spanish

Caregiver Cards

Oral Care cards for caregivers

Booklet – Techniques for managing patients with dementia. English, Spanish

Treatments and Visits

Dental Treatment Pain Management

Dental Treatment pain management brochure

Brochure – Emphasizes the importance of consulting with your dentists about non opioid pain management after certain dental procedures. English

Fluoridation Card

Flouridation half-sheet card

Half Sheet Card – Reliable information on the proven and effective benefits of fluoride. English

Sealant Info Card

Sealant info card

Info Card – Information on the importance of sealants for children ages 5-14. English, Spanish

Oral Surgery Before and After

Oral surgery Before and After brochure

Brochure – Provides tips for patients to help prevent problems, manage pain, and speed up the healing process. English

Health and Healthy Habits

Dry Mouth Brochure

Dry mouth brochure

Brochure – Describes the connection between medication, dry mouth, and serious oral disease. Provides actions people can take to treat dry mouth. English, Spanish

Diabetes Brochure

Diabetes brochure

Brochure – Describes the link between gum disease and provides tips for better oral health to help manage diabetes. English, Spanish

Smart Snacking Infographic

Smart snacking Poster

Poster – Smart snacking and sipping tips for how to avoid acid attacks that harm your teeth. English

Sugar Poster

Sugar poster

Poster – Describes the amount of sugar found in everyday beverages. English


DentistLink Business Card

DentistLink  business card

Business Card – Pocket-sized overview of DentistLink referral service. English, Spanish, Vietnamese

Patient Postcard – Large

Large patient postcard

Postcard – In-office overview of DentistLink referral service (large size). English, Spanish, Russian

Patient Postcard – Small

Small patient postcard

Postcard – In-office overview of DentistLink referral service (small size). English, Spanish, Russian

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