Panorama: Staff

Our Board: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our board guides our diversity, equity, and inclusion journey.

With leadership and direction from our Board of Trustees, Arcora Foundation began to rethink the role equity plays in our work. During discussions about our 2022-2024 strategic plan, Board members agreed on:  

  • The importance of equity in Arcora’s work.  
  • The need to be more intentional in placing equity front and center to meet the needs of populations experiencing significant disparities, namely BIPOC populations. 

Our definitions of equity and health equity informed our strategic planning discussions. 

DEI Committee

Our Board has a DEI Committee whose recommendations the full Board adopted to:  

  • Foster learning, development, and interest in DEI and social justice. 
  • Recommend actions that center social justice and equity in Arcora’s strategic plan, governance, and policies. 
  • Provide resources on DEI topics to encourage continuous learning and growth. 

Dimensions of Diversity

The graphic below outlines our Board of Trustees’ demographic information. Dimensions include:

  • Race/ethnicity.
  • Location in Washington state.
  • Generations graduated from college.
  • Family members without access to dental care.
  • Languages spoken other than English.
  • Age generation.

We can’t do this work without you. Advancing oral health requires public and private partnerships, policy advocacy, and funding. Join us in our mission to bend the arc of oral health toward equity. To learn more about our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, contact Arcora at