Everyone should have access to dental care.

Dental care is essential for overall health, but there can be many barriers in place for people to receive this care. Through partnerships with providers, policymakers and local advocates, we can improve oral health care access for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status. Everyone is healthier with a healthy mouth; everyone deserves a healthy smile.

We are determined to expand dental coverage for lower-income families through:

Access to Baby & Child Dentistry

Helping lower-income families access dental care for their young children under six.


Providing dental care to young children, youth, pregnant and postpartum people in rural and underserved communities.


Linking all people, regardless of insurance status, to dental care that fits their needs and reducing barriers to access that care.

Continuing Education

Creating learning opportunities for different types of professionals to improve the oral health of their patients or clients.

Oral Health Connections

Connecting Apple Health (Medicaid) insured pregnant people and people with diabetes with dental care in their communities.

Tribal Partnerships

Partnering with Tribes to improve oral health, including supporting new workforce and service delivery models.

Oral Health Campaign

Engaging our partners and decision-makers around the value of oral health to help protect and improve dental benefits for lower-income families.

For more information about expanding access to dental care, contact Dianne Riter.