Alison Mondi

Policy Director

Alison Mondi has worked in health care policy and advocacy in Washington state for more than a decade, and has been on the Foundation team since 2015. Alison works with partners and policymakers to advance legislation and other public policies to increase access to oral health care and improve health outcomes. She is passionate about addressing and reducing the barriers to care that perpetuate racial, ethnic, geographic and other inequities. She previously worked in the fields of HIV/AIDS policy and women’s health, and her roles have included public policy, political campaigns, and strategic communications.

Alison received a degree in political science from Vassar College. She is a member of the Seattle Women’s Commission, and the boards of directors of Legal Voice and the Washington State Health Insurance Pool.  She is a former long-time board member of the Washington Bus. An East Coast native, she enjoys travel to sunnier locations, seeing live music, and hanging out with her dog, Claire.