Access to Dental Care Dashboard

Oral health care access affects one’s overall health and quality of life. If left untreated, tooth decay and gum disease can lead to other health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes, or pregnancy complications. Unfortunately, there are many barriers to equitable oral health care access in Washington state. Data clearly show how these barriers disproportionately impact lower-income households and communities of color. Our “Access to Dental Care” interactive dashboard summarizes the dental utilization and access to care in Washington state.

Map of access to dental care in Washington State for Medicaid enrollees ages 20 and under as indicated by use of at least one dental service

An example of the kind of data available in the dashboard: Use of at least one dental service by Medicaid enrollees ages 20 and under.

Health equity drives the work we do at Arcora Foundation. This includes improving access to dental health care through programs such as Access to Baby and Child Dentistry, DentistLink, and SmileMobile. Oral health is a social justice issue, and we work alongside community partners to ensure everyone has good oral and overall health, with no one left behind.

Instructions for the Access to Dental Care Dashboard:

  • Select tabs along the top to view each dashboard.
  • Hover over maps and charts to view specific data points and interact with the data.
  • Drop-down menus and indicators can be used to select data sets where available.
  • Each corresponding dashboard lists data sources.

Questions about the Access Dashboard?  Please email our Evaluation and Data Analyst, Alia Katabi.

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