CHW Curriculum

This training is designed for Community Health Workers and others who may have an opportunity to improve oral health and understanding. The emphasis is on the prevention of dental disease.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to teach five key messages.

  • Show the relationship between oral health and diabetes.
  • Demonstrate four ways dental disease can be prevented through daily care.
  • Choose the best drink for healthy teeth.
  • Demonstrate a self-management plan for oral health. 
  • Find resources for oral health in their area. 

The training is available in the following languages. Click on the links below to access the training slides. 

English (Multicultural)





Khmer (Cambodian)

Tagalog (Filipino)

Tigrinya (Eritrean)

Amharic (Ethiopian)

Arcora Foundation CHW Resource Guide with COVID-19 Resources

CHW Resource Guide

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