Seattle/King County Clinic 2023 (Video)

Approximately 1,600 patients received essential dental care during the 2023 Seattle/King County Clinic (SKCC). SKCC underscores the need for expanded preventive oral health and dental access resources not only in the Puget Sound area, but in communities across the state.

Hear from community leaders and real patients on the impact of pop-clinics like SKCC—and how long-term solutions to dental care access is a matter of equity.

Vanetta Abdellatif, President and CEO, Arcora Foundation

“The Seattle/King County clinic is a really great event, and I think that is helping people who are here now. But it’s not long-term or sustainable policy. The opportunity to make it so that this event isn’t even necessary would really be the kind of policy that we need in place.”

Arcora President and CEO Vanetta Abdellatif (right) with one of the many clinic volunteers.

Mark, SKCC Patient

“[The Seattle/King County] provides a step into health care for folks that otherwise don’t have an interest. This is a great event, but what we really need is medical care and dental care for everybody.”

Maya, SKCC Patient

“Access to oral health care has so many hurdles. The amount of work I had done here today makes seeking out future dental care more achievable… So I feel more empowered to try and go.”

Roberta, SKCC Patient

“The first time I came here it brought me to tears—how many volunteers there were and how fine tuned it was. You could just tell these people were really invested and getting people taken care of.”

Brittany, SKCC Volunteer Dentist

“How can we make your smile as optimal as possible for you and help your mouth feel good? And then we can keep you in a pattern where we’re able to help prevent other things from coming up.”