DentistLink: Connecting People to Urgent Dental Care

In response to the spread of COVID-19, dental providers in Washington have been directed by Governor Inslee to address emergencies and urgent dental care only. To help reduce any additional burden on hospital emergency rooms and at the same time assist people who need urgent care, Arcora Foundation, the foundation of Delta Dental of Washington, is helping people find emergency and urgent dental care while many dental offices are closed.

Arcora Foundation is using its dental referral service, DentistLink, to connect people who either don’t have a current dental provider or can’t access their current provider with dental providers in their area who can provide urgent care. By calling offices and clinics all across the state, DentistLink is compiling a current list of dental providers who are available to alleviate dental pain and treat dental emergencies until dental offices can resume regular schedules.

Here is how the DentistLink referral system works.

  • People needing assistance can call or text DentistLink at 844-888-5465.
  • A DentistLink referral specialist will respond. If the referral specialist cannot answer immediately, they will call back as soon as possible.
  • The referral specialist will ask a few questions related to the user’s age, location and the nature of the dental problem.
  • If the problem needs immediate attention, DentistLink will connect the user to a provider that is open to treat urgent problems.

People needing urgent care can text or call DentistLink at 844-888-5465.

Here is a flyer to share with patients. DentistLink is a service focused on those who have Apple Health (Medicaid) or do not have insurance. Its service is provided at no cost to patients, dental care providers and community partners.

If you are a dentist who would like to be added the urgent need referral list, please contact Carl George or go sign up directly at Join DentistLink!