Oral Health Dashboard Shows Health Disparities Examples

Oral health disparities are evident in every county in Washington state. One’s oral health status is impacted by a long list of complex, intertwined, and often inequitable systems. Unfortunately, lower-income households and communities of color experience systemic barriers and health inequities at a disproportionate rate. Our “Oral Health Status” interactive dashboard provides clear data on these health disparities examples, including rates of tooth decay, pain, and tooth loss.

Health disparities examples in Washington State second graders with untreated decay and rampant decay

Example of health disparities data available in the Oral Health Status Dashboard: second graders with untreated decay and rampant decay


At Arcora Foundation, health equity drives our work. Through our oral disease prevention and access to dental care programs and initiatives, we aim to eliminate health disparities so everyone benefits from good oral health.

Instructions for using the Oral Health Status Dashboard to explore examples of health disparities in dental disease in Washington State:

  • Select tabs along the top to view each dashboard.
  • Interact with the data by hovering over charts and maps to view specific data points.
  • Use drop-down menus and indicators to select data sets where available.
  • All data sources are listed on the corresponding dashboard.

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