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Delta Dental of Washington and Partners Selected To Provide Managed Dental Care for Washington Medicaid Recipients

Olympia – The Delta Dental Medicaid Team of Delta Dental of Washington, Arcora Foundation, and Dentegra, part of Delta Dental of California, has been selected by the Washington State Health Care Authority to provide managed dental care to Medicaid enrollees in the state of Washington. The Delta Dental Medicaid Team submitted its bid as Dentegra. Dentegra and two other dental bidders were announced as the “Apparently Successful Bidders” by the Health Care Authority on August 1, 2018.

The Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) purchases health care for more than 2 million Washington residents through Apple Health (Medicaid). The HCA issued a Request for Proposals in May 2018 for organizations to detail how they would ensure accountability for quality dental care for Medicaid recipients under a managed care system, and made its decisions based on those proposals.

“Our goal is to develop a more efficient and effective system of care for Medicaid patients and providers, said Diane Oakes, President and CEO of Arcora Foundation, the Foundation of Delta Dental of Washington “Oral health is essential to overall health, and yet annually nearly 50 percent of lower-income children and 78 percent of lower-income adults in the state of Washington don’t receive dental care.  We are excited to have this opportunity to reduce health disparities and ensure that many more people are able to access care.”

Beginning in 2019 Apple Health participants will be able to choose a Delta Dental plan. Delta Dental is the leading dental benefits provider in Washington and combined with the vast experience of Delta Dental of California with Medicaid programs, the partnership will be able to serve Washington’s Medicaid eligible clients from across the state.

One of the goals of the new managed care benefits programs delivered by the selected organizations is to expand access to care by increasing the number of dentists and other health care providers who will agree to provide oral health services to Medicaid patients. Other goals include reducing emergency room visits for dental services, improving oral health outcomes for Medicaid clients and coordinating dental care and medical care.

Retaining innovative programs currently supported by Arcora Foundation including the Access to Child and Baby Dentistry program and the Oral Health Connections pilot, which is designed to increase the number of pregnant women and people with diabetes who receive dental care, are also goals of the new managed care program.

Not-for-profit Delta Dental of Washington is the oldest and largest dental benefits company in Washington state, and its Arcora Foundation, formerly Washington Dental Service Foundation, is the largest single-state focused oral health foundation in the nation. Delta Dental of California brings 45 years of Medicaid experience to the Washington Medicaid program.
Delta Dental of Washington also provides dental benefits for the public employees of the state. Its philanthropic arm, Arcora Foundation, is involved in numerous oral health improvement initiatives across the state, including the advancement of the nationally acclaimed Access to Baby and Child Dentistry program (ABCD), which the Foundation helped bring to all of the state’s 39 Medicaid managed oral health care in that state and several others.

Delta Dental of Washington is the state’s largest dental benefits provider, covering more than 2 million residents in Washington state. As the only not-for-profit carrier dedicated to improving oral health in Washington, Delta Dental of Washington plays a vital role through public awareness, philanthropy and advocacy. Their vision is that all people can enjoy good oral and overall health, with no one left behind.

Delta Dental of Washington, and Delta Dental of California, are part of the Delta Dental network that provides quality, value-based dental benefits to more than 74 million people in the U.S.

Arcora Foundation, founded and fully funded by Delta Dental of Washington, is a nonprofit dedicated to achieving health equity by partnering with communities and boldly transforming systems to improve oral health. Arcora is dedicated to improving overall health through sustainable programs and public policies that improve oral health.