Our Statement Against Racism, Inequity and Injustice

June 3, 2020

Like so many of you, Arcora Foundation and our Board of Trustees are heartbroken and outraged by the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, along with countless other black people who have lost their lives at the hands of racism. Protests in our communities and across the country highlight the frustration, pain and grief many of us are experiencing. We are all impacted by the effects of systemic racism. Change requires everyone to join with Black, Indigenous and People of Color to speak out against injustice; we need to turn our “anguish into action.”

Arcora has long worked alongside partners to improve health for all, with no one left behind. As we continue our work, it must be acknowledged that racism is a public health crisis. Racism harms health and inhibits progress toward equity.

We need change. We cannot be passive witnesses to the consequences of racism on human life and dignity. We cannot remain silent as we witness the appalling effects of health disparities caused by racism. The color of your skin and where you live should not determine your future or your health status.

More must be done to work against inequity and injustice. We must have candid, honest conversations, amplify the voices of those oppressed and work together to address the root causes of racism in our society. By doing so, we will help shape a world where the health and safety of all our neighbors, friends and families is valued equally. Arcora staff and Board of Trustees are committed to working alongside you to make this a reality. A world where justice and compassion are central to our lives and are reflected in our institutions.

Finally, as we continue to support each other as partners and individuals, we encourage you to put yourselves top of that list. Give yourself the space to feel pain and know that there is not just one way to grieve.

Vanetta Abdellatif
President and CEO, Arcora Foundation

Fred Kiga
Board Chair, Arcora Foundation Board of Trustees