Oral disease is almost entirely preventable.

Yet too many people in our state, especially in underserved communities, suffer from tooth decay and gum disease. By working with communities to give individuals the resources and tools they need to prevent oral disease, we can help reduce the oral health disparities in Washington. Prevention improves health and saves money for families, businesses and taxpayers.

We work to prevent oral disease through:

Community Water Fluoridation

Providing education, technical expertise and funding for equipment to help communities provide fluoridated water to their residents. In Washington, our fluoridation story began in 1955, and while over half of communities receive the benefits of fluoridated water – including most people living in King, Snohomish, and Yakima counties – it isn’t fair that many don’t have access to this modern public health standard of water fluoridation. Medical and dental experts agree, community water fluoridation is the most effective way to prevent tooth decay for everyone, young and old.

The Mighty Mouth

Promoting healthy behaviors through The Mighty Mouth social marketing campaign. The campaign uses social media, videos and infographics to explain in fun, interesting ways how good oral health can help you live better and stay healthier. Help us spread the word about the power of a Mighty Mouth.

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For more information on our upstream and prevention efforts, contact Stacy Torrance.