The Mighty Mouth

The Mighty Mouth is Arcora Foundation’s campaign to build social norms around the benefits of preventing oral disease and to deliver the message that oral health is essential to overall health. Too many people aren’t aware that good oral health is part of a healthy pregnancy or that disease and infections in the mouth are linked to other serious health problems including diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Many parents do not realize the importance of early screenings and that cavities are almost entirely preventable.

By encouraging people to take care of their oral health and practice healthy habits, The Mighty Mouth campaign helps people live better, look better and stay healthier.

Visit to find the tips, tools, and resources Washingtonians need to keep their mouths, and bodies, healthy.

Outreach Toolkit

This outreach toolkit is for organizations working to communicate with parents and patents-to-be. Download our toolkit to find ready-made social media posts and email blurbs with tailored messaging and graphics to help communicate the importance of dental care during pregnancy and first screenings by first birthdays.

YouTube Video Library

The Mighty Mouth YouTube channel has over a dozen videos on the importance of good oral health for pregnant people, young children, and adults with diabetes. Visit our YouTube channel to watch these videos and share on with your social channels.

Mother and child smiling after having a first dental visit by the baby's first birthday

Oral Health Blog

The Mighty Mouth shares easy ways to practice good oral health habits as a parent or parent-to-be. Questions about oral health during pregnancy? Curious how to make drinking water an easier choice for young children. Read The Mighty Mouth blog to learn more and share with your networks.