Welcome to our refreshed website and new logo

Arcora Foundation centers our work in equity and collaborates with partners to achieve good oral health for all. This strategic direction applies to not just our initiative work, but to how we share information and resources with partners like you. 

Equitable communications are clear, accessible, and designed with user needs in mind. We took this to heart when refreshing our look and digital presence. In updating our website, we had three goals in mind: 

  • Align content with our strategic plan
  • Improve the navigation and resource placement to better serve partners and the public. 
  • Update the look and feel in line with user experience best practices—like accessibility and readability. 

While the types of resources we share remain the same, the way you access them may have changed. Below are some improvements you’ll notice on the site. 

New logo with mission tagline. 

Did you see our new logo in the upper left corner? It includes our mission in the tagline: Bending the arc of oral health toward equity. We developed this version of our logo to better reflect our strategic direction and the work we do. 

Moving forward, this will be the primary logo in our communications. On our site, we included a page where you can download it and the other versions of our logo. You’ll also find our guidance on which logo to use depending on the situation.  

Interactive homepage layout. 

The purpose of our website is to be a hub of relevant oral health resources for you. We’ve added several ways to access information that may be most valuable to you, including buttons and feeds, on our homepage.  

Screen grab of Arcora Foundation homepage.

Language translation. 

Language is a common barrier to access oral health care—as well as oral health education. To make our content more accessible to non-English speakers, we’ve added a Google Translate tool to all pages of our website. 

Use the translate tool in the footer to translate any webpage into more than 130 languages. 

Screen grab of Arcora Foundation webpage translated into Korean. At the bottom of the image, the Google Translate menu is expanded with "Korean" highlighted in blue.

Simplified navigation.  

We’ve improved our top-level navigation, making it easier to find the pages partners use most. For example, you can now find content like Data and News in just one click. 

Screen grab of Arcora Foundation website. The cursor is hovering over the top menu item "Data and News." There is a green drop down menu below with white text. The three sub-menu items are "Data Dashboards" "Data Reports" and "News."

Latest Foundation information. 

We’ve updated and expanded content under Our Work and Who We Are to ensure you’re receiving the latest information on Arcora Foundation. Key page updates include topics like: 

Screen grab of the Initiatives webpage. The heading on the screen grab reads "Click the initiatives below to learn more about access additional resources." There are two columns below the heading. The left column has a green background with  black text reading "Prevention Initiatives." The right column has a yellow background and black text reading "Access Initiatives."

New brochure order process.

Order free print materials for your organization through our online portal—which now saves your contact and shipping information to make reordering and record keeping simpler. Explore our robust library by visiting our Educational Materials page. 

Choose View Printed Materials to see all available materials and download PDFs. Once you are ready to order, the Order Printed Materials button will bring you to our portal login. 

Need an online ordering account? Choose Sign Up at the bottom left of the login, and we’ll walk you through the process of registering your organization. Find full directions on our how-to guide

How to: Navigating Arcora Foundation Educational Materials

Equitable communications also require continuous feedback and updates. We look to you to share any concerns or pain points you experience while using our website. Please share your feedback at info@arcorafoundation.org.