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Highlights of Our Work

Partnerships produce positive oral heath outcomes.

What we accomplish together.

To make good oral health possible for everyone in Washington state requires collaboration. For our prevention and access priorities, Arcora Foundation partners with: 

  • Dental and medical communities. 
  • Policymakers. 
  • Grantees. 
  • State and national groups. 
  • Local and state associations. 
  • Non-profit organizations. 
  • Communities.  

 See what Arcora and our partners have accomplished together. 

Highlights of our accomplishments

  • Supported oral health initiatives, programs, and clinics through grant funding.
  • Connected people with dental care near them with DentistLink, our no-cost referral service.
  • Provided free and low-cost dental care to underserved communities on our SmileMobile mobile dental clinic.
  • Trained dental and medical professionals through our free continuing education programs.

Grant Funding

From 2017 through 2021, Arcora Foundation invested more than $10 million in total grant dollars to support oral health initiatives and programs across Washington state. In 2020, Arcora distributed an additional $4.5 million to support community and tribal dental clinics affected by COVID-19. 

From 2010 through 2021, Arcora recorded more than 346,000 patient visits that resulted from investments in community health centers, nonprofits, and tribal clinics.  

“We are very grateful for the support of Arcora Foundation as we work to address the need for dental services in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

International Community Health Services 

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From January through June of 2022, DentistLink has served more than 37,000 users. That’s on pace to double the number of users served in 2021. DentistLink is a no cost dental referral service for people with insurance—including Apple Health (Medicaid)—or not.

So far in 2022, the DentistLink website has had more than 64,000 visitors. Nearly 19,500 visitors came from the Health Care Authority’s referral links to DentistLink.

“It was a challenging experience trying to find a provider, but I’m grateful for everyone’s help and I was so happy to find someone. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I’m doing great now. Thank you so much!” 

DentistLink User, Anacortes

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Since July of 1995, the SmileMobile, our three-chair mobile dental clinic, has traveled across Washington state and served more than 47,000 patients.

In 2021, the SmileMobile team saw more than 1,300 patients at more than 30 sites across the state to provide a range of essential services

“The SmileMobile has touched many lives in our community of Forks, brightening smiles in both students and adults in need. The SmileMobile is a valuable partner to help people with their oral health.” 

Matthew Holshouser, Principal, Forks Elementary School 

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Continuing Education

In 2021, Arcora helped train

  • 526 dental professionals to deliver preventive care and treatment and increase patient satisfaction. 
  • 390 community health workers to support oral health for more than 2,000 community members. 

As of 2021, we trained more than 45% of physicians who care for young children in Washington state to deliver oral health preventive services.

“Arcora is dedicated to developing courses that directly apply to everyday practice. The offerings have included everything from regulatory mandates to innovative practice approaches. The Arcora Foundation CDE program has been a great resource for dental providers in Washington state.” 

Sue Yoon, DMD, Community Health Center of Snohomish County 

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Children’s Oral Health

Childhood Apple Health (Medicaid) usage 

From 2010 through 2021, Arcora has worked with partners to reduce the number of preschoolers from low-income households with untreated tooth decay by 35%. Today, nearly 50% of all Apple Health-enrolled children younger than 6 see a dentist with the support of public-private partnerships like Access to Baby and Child Dentistry. Washington state is a leader the country in these efforts. 

Childhood decay experience

From 2005 through 2015, Arcora and partners have helped decrease decay experience among every major racial/ethnic group in 2nd and 3rd grade children by an average of 10%

“Preventing cavities early can lead to a lifetime of better oral health and overall general health for children.”

Access to Baby and Child Dentistry

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Adult Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage 

In 2013, Arcora led a coalition that secured Apple Health dental coverage for adults from lower-income households in Washington state. More than 1 million people are now eligible to receive care. 

“Access to adult dental [care] is not just for individuals, but it is also for families and it is also for communities.”

Esther Lucero, CEO, Seattle Indian Health Board

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hands holding cups of water

Community water fluoridation

From 2001 through 2021, Arcora has worked with our partners to ensure an additional 362,000 people in Washington state received the health benefits of fluoridated water—saving Washington taxpayers an estimated $89 million

From 2012 through 2021, Arcora has worked with partners to prevent water fluoridation rollback efforts in 9 communities across Washington. This ensured nearly 324,000 people living in these communities enjoyed the health benefits of continuous fluoridated water saving taxpayers more than $41 million

“Lack of access to fluoridation hurts mostly rural, low-income and underserved communities—including communities of color. Thousands of children and adults needlessly suffer from oral health problems as a result. The Asia Pacific Cultural Center is proud to partner with Arcora Foundation to show the importance of modern standards of water fluoridation for all Washington communities.” 

Lua Pritchard, Executive Director, Asia Pacific Cultural Center 

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We can’t do this work without you. Advancing oral health requires public and private partnerships, policy advocacy, and funding. Join us in our mission to bend the arc of oral health toward equity. Learn more and contact us at